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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels October 9

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It was cooler today – only got to 35 degrees!

We did lots of last day things.

Washed the bed linen. Cleaned up the van.

Went to the town centre, where I took books back to the library. Checked at the Post Office – there were a couple of letters – one from John’s sister H, who sent me a gallery booklet that advertised  my brother’s art show. Nice of her to do that.

I collected some photos I’d put in for processing on Saturday. Did a food shop.

At the Post Office, had to sort out the rates payment, because the Shire had phoned me to say we’d only paid a month, not a quarter. John had told me, after he did that a while ago, that it was not as much as I’d told him it was going to be!

John took the fridge to a repair place. It will be ready early tomorrow. I am glad this will not delay us, as I will be very happy to get away from here!

We did the usual preliminary packing up.

Tea was cold chicken and salad.

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