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2000 Travels August 26

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After breakfast, we went to the Courthouse Markets. Bought corn, tomatoes and honey. And a half watermelon, that cost $4.60. Not cheap!

Before we left the van, John had phoned daughter R, but she was too busy to talk to him.

We went from the markets to the Chinatown area – part of “old” Broome, and looked in a couple of the modern pearl galleries, and also a rather impressive bead shop.

I could really spend serious money on pearl jewelry, here! A lot of it is too chunky for my taste, but there are some great items. A long way removed from the traditional image of a string of pearls, to go with a twinset! Beautifully modern designs.

I might be tempted to go back and browse in the bead shop some more, before we leave here. Am trying to decide whether I want to do some beading, as a change from the Hardanger work.

John was looking for mother of pearl for jewelry box lid inserts. We got referred to the Shell House and went there. It was a fascinating place. There were all manner of shells for sale, and mother-of-pearl trinkets. John was able to buy some pearl shell.

We also bought and attractive display, decorative oyster pearl shell half, some 15cms tall, that has four oyster “buds” on it. It cost $80 – an extravagance, especially given recent vehicle costs, but it will be a great trip memento that should sit well on the red gum mantle shelf over our fireplace at home.

While we were out, S phoned and left a message that she’d gained a really high mark for her Masters thesis – very pleasing, since she was working at the same time as she did this.

After lunch ,John worked on checking and greasing the van wheel bearings. Suddenly, we have a new awareness of wheel bearings!

I sewed. We listened on the radio to Carlton lose the Preliminary Final of the football. It was not on TV up here.

08-25-2000 finished.jpg

Completed piece of Hardanger work

Tea was cold roast lamb and mashed potato, again.

There was a very visible red fire glow across the bay at night, and lots of smoke about.

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