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2000 Travels July 27

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It was another hot and sunny day. There was not much variation up here, at this time.

It was too hot and windy for Les to take out any fishing parties. But there was much work to do about the place, and John and R pitched in to help.

The two R’s worked on the boat. At one stage I wandered down to the beach to have a look and there was a snake on the sand. Aboriginal R said it was a gwardar – nasty brown snake, to me!

07-27-2000 walardi.jpg

Snake on beach

White R later effected a “bush” repair to Les’ beaten up 4WD – boring a hole do a dipstick could be put into the fuel tank to measure how much there is. The fuel gauge was just many of the things on the vehicle that did not work.

John went to work making some signs for Les. He found some old paint, and a toothbrush to use, as the place did not seem to run to a paintbrush of any kind. Les’ workshop was something to behold!

John made a notice about day use, and a fee for same. Les had been having issues with tourists coming from the camps at the Mission and McGowans, wandering about, using the facilities (such as they are). He and John decided that a day fee would be fair.

07-27-2000 toothbrush signwriting.jpg

Sign writing with a toothbrush

07-27-2000 sign

John’s sign on the water tank that feeds the campground

John also painted some Honeymoon signs on old tyres and some board that was lying about – these were to become “signposts”.

I made savoury pikelets for all for lunch – Les, D, the two Richards and us. They did not seem to be quite to the indigenous taste – Les insisted that I produce tomato sauce for him to have with his!

In the late afternoon, we wandered down to the fishing hut and had happy hour with the folks down there. They were leaving tomorrow, to go to the Mitchell Falls. We promised to keep in touch with J and J.

Then it was back up the hill to make tea: fries and tuskfish.

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