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2000 Travels July 26

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In the morning, Les took John’s namesake’s group out fishing.

The camp had been having ongoing plumbing issues, with the water tank that gravity fed the taps and amenities, emptying out during the nights. John and the two R’s worked on trying to fix the other water pipe leaks and weld up a leaking copper pipe. They initially made it worse, but eventually fixed it. John reckons the problems stem from the fact that Les had used whatever he could lay his hands on, and pipes of different diameters are joined up. The water pipe down to the lower fishing hut was apparently hastily cobbled together, when a tourist group demanded that they have water down there. It is that one that springs the leaks at night that drain the tank.

John put some metal pieces on the gaps that were in the toilet doors, to make them a bit more private.

We were beginning to realize that, if we want even vaguely clean amenities, we will mostly have to clean them ourselves. The family women that are up at the big shed house only make a token gesture at doing this, occasionally.

I made us savoury pikelets for lunch.

07-23-2000 honeymmon camp.jpg

Our camp set up at Honeymoon Beach

In the afternoon, I persuaded D to have a go at cutting my hair. It was really annoying me, in the heat. She was rather hesitant, but did a really good job on it.

John phoned his ailing brother and had a chat. This current adventure is exactly what C loves hearing about.

The fishing party had a very successful expedition. They brought back huge black lipped oysters that Les had promised us. John went down to the fishing hut and opened them down there. J had washed them for us – very good of her. We had about 18 of them.

So, for tea, we had an oyster entree, then a Greek salad. Very filling.

07-26-2000 aftermath of feast.jpg

The remains of our feast

After our tea, J and J arrived with plates of oysters Kilpatrick – so we had more! They were very good. J and J were having a break from the other members of their party, who were grating on them. We talked for a while before they went back to the hut.

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