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2000 Travels July 24

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Another hot, sunny day. Yesterday’s cloud had disappeared.

At 7.45am, John left on his fishing expedition. The boat was a basic “tinny”, with no shade shelter at all. I doubted that it had lifejackets, but didn’t say anything to John about that! Apart from John, there were two other of the men campers, another aboriginal helper – Richard – and Les. I took photos as they puttered off.

07-24-2000 01 the fishing party.jpg

Pushing the boat out…

07-24-2000 02 fishing trip.jpg

And away they go……

I talked for a while with the campers from the shed. Mentioned John’s name in passing, and she said her partner was John, too. Then I said mine was John ***** and she exclaimed that her’s was too! Turned out they had identical names, and the same birthday! The other John is from Yackandandah – even that was an interesting coincidence, as John’s parents originally came from the Beechworth area. We decided they may be cousins.

The other John and his partner J, were going into Kalumburu this afternoon to see if there was fresh produce at the store. They offered to bring me back some supplies if available, so I gave them a general guide about what would be good.

I did the washing and strung myself a clothesline between trees to dry it. Did some sewing. It was quite pleasant sitting in the shade of the tent veranda.

I wandered up to the “residence” and extended our stay. There is a weekly rate of $110 for two, so I negotiated that, with Les’ wife, Ruth, and paid another $70, extra, above the $40 we’d already paid.

The fishing party got back about 3pm. They certainly couldn’t complain about the time they got for their money! John only caught a monkey fish. Les had caught a blue bone and told John he could have half of it. So John did the cleaning of it and gave Les his half.

07-24-2000 06 the whole fish party.jpg

The fishing party, and catch

John had a good day, despite the paucity of fish. They had visited a lot of interesting coastline, much further around Napier Broome Bay, only accessible by boat.

07-24-2000 my washing behind.jpg

Cleaning the catch. My washing line in the background

John was very tired – and hungry! He ate a whole packet of savoury biscuits – and then was too full for tea! So we just had some fries.

J and J brought me back some tomatoes, a lettuce, pears, a cucumber (rather squishy). Very kind of them. We had a brief session of “John ****** meet John ******”

John was very early to bed.

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