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2000 Travels July 23

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The water went on again, early in the morning. That was good news! The owner is apparently having problems with water pipes leaking during the night.

It was a sunny, hot day.

07-23-2000 beach at Honeymoon.jpg

The beach at Honeymoon

In the morning, Les took a fishing group out in his tinny boat. I wandered down to watch the boat going out and got talking to one woman of the two couples who are occupying the campers’ shed, down by the beach. They came from NE Victoria.

John got on the radphone to his daughter R, and also left a message as to our location, for K. I got through to V and had a good talk with her.

The fishing party got back, in the afternoon, with some big, brightly coloured fish identified as a bluebone, or tuskfish, a type of groper. They are nice eating, apparently. The group seemed to have done well for itself with fish caught.

In the afternoon, the tide rose too high for us to go and gather oysters, as we’d thought to do, so we drove the short distance – about 2kms – to Tamarinda, on the other side of the nearby point, to the west. We followed a rough track to an area of rock ledges that faced east. right out on the point.

John tried to fish there, but lost his lure. From a different spot, we walked across the little peninsula to try to reach the end of the Honeymoon beach, where the oyster rocks were, but found our way blocked by mangroves, so gave up.

It was interesting exploring anyway, and we spotted a new bird – a wood sandpiper.

Les seems to try to keep track of where people are going – he asked our intentions as we drove out. This is probably more to make sure that campers do not stray where they shouldn’t, as much as concern for our safety. But it seems like easy country to get a bit lost in, with tracks all over the place, and no decent maps, so maybe he is avoiding hassles like that.

Some cloud built up in the afternoon, and we went for a walk along the beach and took some photos of big boabs against the cloud.

07-24-2000 boab by beach.jpg

Big old boab by the beach

Tea was tinned herrings and potato.

Les came to our camp, after tea, and convinced John to go out fishing with him. John agreed, but was nervous about it.

We did not stay up very late.

Although the nights are cooler, they are not as cold as we encountered at our other camps. That would be the influence of being by the sea.

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