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2000 Travels July 19

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Woke to another hot day.

There was some burn off haze not far away. The area around the camp spot has been recently burned, so we have no worries about a fire near us.

We heard a vehicle which sounded like it was coming near us, but it faded. We think the main road might be not too far from here, across the river, so it was probably a truck.

John walked down to nearby rapids and later we both went exploring down that way – it was really pretty. The reflections in the water, in the morning light, are wonderful.

07-19-2000 05 rapids Turtle Pool.jpg

Rapids at Turtle Pool, on the Morgan River

We saw a little, pale brown coloured, freshie croc in the pool, over the other side from us, just floating on the water surface, looking for all the world like a dried pandanus leaf. Sighted him a couple of times, just hanging about there.

07-19-2000 02 freshie playing being floating pandanus leaf.jpg

Freshie croc playing at being a floating pandanus leaf, over by the far bank

There were some cattle around, but they stayed away from the immediate camp area.

John investigated under Truck again, and removed the remainder of the broken part, altogether. He thinks it will be alright to go on without it.

07-18-2000 02 didnt need it anyway.jpg

That part is no good any more!

I made bread, from a packet mix, forming four rolls and cooking them in the camp oven. The tops got a bit dark but otherwise they turned out well, and will be lunch for two days.

07-19-2000 burnt bread.jpg

Well done bread rolls!

John went off up the access track, on foot, hunting firewood, and discovered why some of the local timber is called ironwood! Hard to cut into and hard to get axe out of! And heavy.

07-19-2000 03 its ironwood

Axe stuck in ironwood

He then tried some fishing and caught a black bream.

After lunch, we went for a walk back up the track we’d driven in on, looking at birds. There were lots of them. The bee eaters put on a great show by camp, as does a kingfisher. On the way back from our walk, we startled a large dark coloured snake – we actually startled each other! It disappeared very quickly into a crack in the ground. It looked like a taipan – and that hiding in ground cracks is taipan behaviour. That rather spoiled the enthusiasm for walking!

We lazed about camp during the hottest part of the afternoon.

07-19-2000 01 camp at turtle pool theda

Our camp at Turtle Pool

John had his bream for tea, with potato and some bits of vegies. I had potato and vegies.

At dusk we heard the vehicle noise again – going the other way.

John phoned his sister on the radio. He then went fishing for a while.

I sat by the campfire, in the moonlight. It became quite cold.

Tonight’s sleep was rather disturbed by the noises of cattle nearby and croc growls from the river.

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