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2000 Travels July 7

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Today was another day of blue sky and sunshine, around 31 degrees. It was actually becoming rather humid.

We had much to do to prepare for the Gibb River Road trek.

Because John wanted to watch Pat Rafter play at Wimbledon, and so did not want to be doing trip preparation, we would now not leave till Monday, so I went to the Office and “bought” another night.

We went to the CALM Office and bought an Annual Parks Pass for WA. It cost $51, but would get us free entry into all the National Parks that charge entry fees. We should recoup the cost quickly, as we are planning to be in WA until at least the end of next summer.

We did not shop for groceries today – John said we’d do that on the way out, on Monday.

A large group of aboriginals arrived and set up camp over the road from the Park, at the Showgrounds. They put up tents. There was much using of the showers over there and the noise of their abrupt chatter and calling. It was obviously some sort of organized group.

After lunch, we drove out to Hidden Valley National Park, or Mirima, which is just on the edge of town. It is a small park, day use only, that features really spectacular sandstone erosion formations. From their appearance, I presume they are closely related to the Keep River formations.

07-07-2000 head lice dreaming.jpg

Head Lice Dreaming rock formations. The little path can be seen, winding through the spinifex.

We did the 1km walk up to the main lookout. It was more rugged than I remembered from 1993 – maybe it is that I am older? The rough track wound up through narrow little valleys between the rock forms.

From the lookout at the top, there were expansive views out over Kununurra and across the irrigated country.

07-07-2000 info board at Head Lice Dreaming.jpg

That little walk was enough exertion for the day!

Tea was bought fish and chips.

There was another nearby cane burn, after dark.

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