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2000 Travels July 6

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The days are becoming hotter – today reached 32 degrees.

I spent the morning reading up the information I had, studying maps, and firming up ideas for the Gibb River Road trip. I went over these with John, who was happy enough with my thoughts. He rarely becomes interested in the planning of trips. When pressed to become involved, he has been known to point at random to a place on the map and declare we will go there – regardless of road conditions, scenic attraction or other practicalities. The outcomes of these involvements have not always been great!

We went to the shops. Bought the right mantles for the kero lamp – as opposed to the wrong ones bought last time! We are beginning to accumulate cash money for the Gibb, as it is unlikely there will be many places with credit card facilities.

Tea was chicken and pineapple curry, with rice and corn. Very nice.

After dark, there was a big sugar cane burn nearby. Very spectacular to look at. As they do, it flared up really quickly, but also died down before too long. Much thick, black smoke was generated, along with a burnt sugar smell and bits of fine black ash drifting down. Sugar cane is burnt before harvesting in order to reduce the amount of leaves and green matter, and also to destroy harvesting hazards like snakes and disease bearing rats. As we had seen in Qld, some farmers are now harvesting cane without burning it, with modern machines that spread the unwanted leaves and other organic matter on the ground, as the cane stalks are harvested.

I just hoped that any wildlife taking refuge from the flames, did not come in this direction!

07-07-2000 cane burning

Sugar cane burn, not far from the caravan park

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