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2000 Travels June 19

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Under the impact of seeing L and P pack up and head off for Karumba, John decided we would go today, after all. We left the park about 10am.

John put some grease on the van wheels before we left.

We went straight to the Post Office. The mail had arrived! We’d have been rather inconvenienced if it hadn’t.

We then went to the Education Centre and saw John’s bowls friend. It seemed to me to be pretty disorganized in there. The aboriginal students were older teens or adults. They were at least using computers, which was something. From what I could see, there was a huge need for materials development, to support such learning. The centre also offered VET programs, such as health work, but we didn’t get any indication as to successful completion of same.

Neither of us was tempted to change our plans for this!

We left there after midday. It was quite hot. We ate lunch as we travelled.

It was fairly monotonous country, mostly flat and featureless grass and scrub country.

North of Elliott, we passed a big Trakmaster van, made contact on the CB, and pulled over for a talk. They were Victorians, from Wedderburn, who had been travelling for a week longer than us. Theur van was 19 foot long and was the first full caravan that Trakmaster built. It was more spacious inside than our minimalist rig. They had also had electrical/wiring problems, running three solar panels and two batteries – installation of that system done by the same man as did ours. Hmmm…….

We got to Dunmarra about 5pm. This is essentially a roadhouse and motel, with a basic caravan park area, for overnighting, adjoining it. We paid $10 for a powered site at the Wayside Stop and did not need to unhitch. It was a pleasant enough place to overnight.

06-19-2000 camp dunmurra.jpg

Late afternoon at Dunmarra Roadhouse camp

We had passed one wayside rest area, not far south of Dunmarra, where there were about ten units all setting up for the night. They were all crowded together – much more crowded than here.

On dusk, we had a short walk around the camping area and saw a bush thick knee, hiding by a bush.

06-19-2000 bush thick knee dunmurra

Bush Thick-knee (Curlew)

Tea was soup, pasta with tuna, caper, olive etc sauce, and pears.

I phoned K. The dog is going fairly well and seemed to be happy enough.

Being by the main north south highway, there was a lot of passing truck traffic through the night.

06-19-2000 to dunmurra.JPG


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