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2000 Travels June 18

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There was some cloud today, but it was warm.

John and neighbour L went off to bowls fairly early.

I walked to the shop to get the paper. Then I worked for much of the day on putting photos into albums and labelling same. I made some soup.

06-17-2000 holly grevillea.jpg

Holly Grevillea

I took down the awning roof – by myself. I was quite proud of myself. I was assuming that the mail would arrive tomorrow, and we would be able to move on.

John and L did not get back until after 7pm. The bowls ran very late. John was runner up for the day and received a nice bottle of wine. He was on a high with his performance, and L was on a high too.

John got chatting to one of his opponents, during the day, and found out that she used his Master’s Thesis as a starting point for her own. She thought his name was familiar! She has lived in a lot of places and is now working here, teaching aboriginals to read, for the Alynagulya (?) community. John had agreed to go there tomorrow and look at what she is doing. She reckons he could easily get a job in Tennant Creek, doing that sort of work. Do we want to work? No. Do we want to live for a while in Tennant Creek? Definitely not!

John now thinks we should stay here an extra day, because of these arrangements. Just when I’d packed up the awning!

Tea was soup, steak, mushrooms, vegies, yoghurt.

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