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2000 Travels June 9

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It rained steadily throughout the night. This really put paid to any lingering doubts we had about hanging around waiting for dry roads.

Heard that a caravanner had tried to go north up the Burke and Wills road to Normanton – which is sealed – and had to pull off onto the verge for an oncoming vehicle – the wet, built up verge gave way and he rolled.

Once the rain started, during the night, we’d decided not to move on today, regardless of direction, so I went to the office and bought ourselves another night here.

I phoned Adels Grove and cancelled the booking I’d made earlier, by phone, from Winton.

Phoned Mt Isa and booked us into a caravan park there for four nights. John wants to play bowls there, and visit the shops, and Monday is a holiday. So we will not be rushing around too much in Mt Isa.

The ground had become very muddy underfoot.

We drove to the shops, in the morning, for some oddments. John was looking for a replacement globe for a blown one in one of our bed reading lights – he will have to try in Isa! He did some work on tax figures.

I went to visit with L and her husband, as they’d been on their way to visit us when we were going out. Sat and chatted for a couple of hours. They had a really good book about Lawn Hill. They were inclined to wait for the roads to dry out. He had been made redundant in his career by computers – hence they had the travel time.

I went to have a shower and left John to watch the potatoes I’d put on to cook for tonight’s fries. He had instructions to turn them off after one minute of boiling. When I got back, he was absorbed in the computer and the potatoes were boiling merrily away and falling to pieces. I was cross.

Tea was oven fried fish and fried potato mush, which was not nice.

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