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2000 Travels June 10

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There was low cloud this morning, and some drizzles of rain.

We had to pack up everything, but still managed to leave Cloncurry about 9am.

The way was through range and ridge country – varied, attractive and dramatic in parts.

We had the CB radio on, as usual – it was scanning – and picked up talk between three or four light planes, communicating between themselves. Then we saw them, flying very low. Obviously, from the conversation, they were trying to find a way through the higher country, to Cloncurry. One was really worried about the low cloud obscuring the hills. They eventually turned back, and we saw them again, near Mt Isa, on their way back to the airport.

The mine dominates Mt Isa. The various surface structures are only a few hundred metres from the shopping centre. You see the smelter chimneys from everywhere in town.

Mount Isa Mines has been going since the 1930’s. They mine silver, lead, zinc and copper. Given its scale, the mine is obviously the mainstay of the town.

We booked in at the Sunset Caravan Park – fairly central – for $14.40 a night, after discount. It seemed quite pleasant.

After set up and lunch. drove to the shops and had a look round. I put films in at K Mart for processing and collection on Tuesday.

John found out at the bowls club that he couldn’t play after all, because there was a big two day tournament on. It was a pity that he hadn’t phoned and checked from Cloncurry, because he would have gotten a game.

I bought some meat and greengroceries.

Had chicken drumsticks, potato and salad for tea.

I phoned K but he wasn’t home – had gone to Ballarat for the funeral of his step mother’s father. P told me she had taken our dog, Butch, to the vet, this morning. She has diabetes, will soon get worse and will need to be put to sleep. That was a real shock. I really thought she would still be there when we settled back down at home. She is only 11 years old. I was really upset and sad, and cried for ages. I phoned again, later, when K was home and talked with him about it. We are all upset. I guess John and I both felt guilty for leaving her behind while we travelled.

It was not a good night.

06-10-2000 to isa.JPG

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