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2000 Travels June 16

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We had the same lovely weather again.

I washed the two floor rugs. These are a heavy cotton weave and I do them by hand in a laundry trough, not in a machine.

We had new arrivals in the site next to us. Got talking, and it turned out they came from the same area as us, but had moved a couple of years ago to Tathra. The man used to run in the same local Veterans running events as John.

The mail was not in. That meant we would now have to stay here until Monday.

We drove out to the old Telegraph Station. Like many places through the centre of the continent, Tennant Creek began as a repeater station on the Overland Telegraph Line. It is several kms north of the present town, having been built by the actual Tennant Creek.

We had a good look around the Telegraph Station. It was interesting for the architectural features designed to counter the heat – built of stone, wide verandas all round, and the cool room/cellar structure, with its really thick walls.

06-16-2000 old telegraph station tennant ck.jpg

Old Telegraph Station, Tennant Creek

06-15-2000 Old Telegraph Station TC coolroom

Cool room cellar at the Telegraph Station – thick walls

We then drove out to the nearby Pebbles – a large area of small rock outcrops, promoted as a miniature Devils Marbles (which are about a hundred kms south of Tennant Creek). There was quite a maze of tracks and informal camp spots out there.

06-17-2000 devils pebbles tennant ck.jpg

The Devils Pebbles near Tennant Creek

We did more bird spotting. John saw a new looking hole in the bank of a dry creek channel with an agitated little bird flitting nearby, and put the two together – the hole was the bird’s nest. When we moved away, it zipped into the hole with the beak full of grass it was carrying – a red browed pardalote, a “new” birdie! We watched it go in and out, nest building in its hole, for a while. There were good wild flower displays out there, too.

We went back to the van and got the makings of a late lunch, then drove back out north again, to Mary Ann Dam, to eat it. That was a pleasant spot, made about twenty years ago, for recreation.

Refuelled Truck – 95cpl.

John and neighbour L went and practiced bowls at the Tennant Creek club, for a couple of hours. My back was playing up a bit – probably a reaction to the long day sitting in Truck, so I decided to pass on bowls.

I extended our stay here for two more nights, so we can get the mail on Monday – hopefully! That also meant that John could play bowls on Sunday.

Tea was bought fish and chips – alright.

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