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2000 Travels June 15

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It was a day with clear blue sky and a pleasant light wind. I felt happy to be wearing shorts and a Tshirt – finally!

I did a load of washing and did some cleaning in the van.

We drove to the central shops again to see if the mail we were expecting had arrived. No – it takes four days to get here from Melbourne, even if it was sent Express! Aah – the Outback!

We went to the Information Centre, at the old Battery/mine area. As the name suggested, there was a gold crushing plant here. Gold was mined in Tennant Creek from the 1930’s, but it was not the scene of great rushes to alluvial gold fields, like down south, because the gold here was found in solid rock that needed crushing.

The Visitor Centre was quite good. We walked around there for an hour or so, bird spotting – they had expanses of native tree plantings, and pools.

06-21-2000 NT floral emblem.jpg

Sturt’s Desert Rose – the Northern Territory floral emblem

After lunch, walked into town to get the paper. John was walking fairly slowly – it was a long day for him with the driving, yesterday.

The aboriginal presence in the town was visible, but did not seem intrusive or unpleasant.

Back at camp, we talked for a while with a European couple a few vans up. He did a lot of metal detecting and said he did quite well at it. He showed us some big pieces of petrified wood he’d collected.

Tea was chow mein and rice.

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