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2000 Travels May 30

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Last night was slightly warmer. The day was fine, but cool.

John noodled in the morning, then made potato bread. I cooked minestrone.

At lunchtime, a bus load of school children arrived – not what one would expect, out here. L showed them round for about an hour.

05-29-2000 Bush Camp Opalton.jpg

The Bush Camp, Opalton. Amenity block at left. A bush shelter at right.


After lunch, we went driving again, roughly  west. We went past a sizeable mine – outside the declared fossicking area – and followed the more used tracks. About 16kms out, stopped at a creek crossing, with a small rocky gorge and some waterholes – a pretty place. We walked along the creek for some way.

Then we drove on a couple of kms further. I like this type of country but it was fairly flat. We collected wood on the way back.

05-30-2000 rocky ck reflection

Reflections in the rocky creek

Tea was minestrone, and toad in the hole, made in the camp oven – was good.

05-31-2000 camp oven.jpg

Camp oven cookery – coals on lid for heat

The night was not as cold.

John had begun plugging the van into the Truck power outlet and running the motor for a while, to give a bit of a boost to the power charge. We had also begun to half drop the poptop to improve the angle to the sun, for the solar panel. We were obviously not as self sufficient out here as we thought we’d be!


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