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2000 Travels May 29

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Today was sunny, but not really warm, after the cold of last night. Apparently, it was really cold in Canberra and Melbourne – snow, sleet and the like.

I had a sore shoulder and decided to take it easy for the next couple of days. Well, even easier….

The days were beginning to follow a similar pattern. We did some noodling in the morning, and general pottering about camp.

05-29-2000 track to Opalton camp.jpg

Poptop roof angled to get more sun on the solar system

I did some sewing, while John did some noodling.

We went for a drive to find a waterhole that L gave us directions to. We went up some tracks, broadly to the south east. Tracks everywhere! We found a water filled cut, but no waterhole per se. The old open cut was in an area with lots of old machinery and dead vehicles. It was probably about 6 kms from Opalton.

I soaked dried soup mix to make soup tomorrow.

Tea was yabby cocktail, followed by BBQ’d sausages – done on the wire grill over the open fire.

05-28-2000 cold.jpg

Not much warmth in the sunshine. Note our solar shower bag heating up.

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