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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels May 17

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We were up early, to leave for Emerald by 8am, for bowls.

It was a pleasant morning. I played adequately. We met a local lady at bowls, who lives between the Willows and Glen Alva, the southernmost areas of the gemfields  here. She said we could go fossick on their place. Next time? We really do need to start moving west again now.

We used our meal vouchers at the club and had an enjoyable meal.

Refuelled Truck – now 85cpl.

It was mid afternoon when we got back to camp. We just lazed about for the rest of the day.

05-05-2000 rainbow lorikeets Rubyvale.jpg

Rainbow lorikeets, crested pigeons and apostle birds

At one stage, John asked me what the puddle was, on the van floor. Yet again, he had turned off the fridge, last night, to reduce interference on the TV he was watching – and forgotten to turn it back on. Yet again, I was cross! Most of the freezebox contents appeared to be still frozen, so I kept them and hoped they would be ok. But I didn’t risk putting the chicken breasts back, so they became sweet and sour chicken, for tea.

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