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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels May 8

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John was up early, to take Truck to Landrover. We packed our bedding and the overnight things in Truck before he went. He then walked back to the unit for breakfast.

We left there at 10 and walked to the nearby shopping complex. On the way we visited Harvey Norman and bought computer games. John bought Railroad Tycoon and an update for his Alpha Centuari. I bought  Bridge and Euchre games.

Having time to fill in, we browsed in a tile shop, looking at kitchen tiles and laminexes.

At the shopping complex, bought a birthday card for S, ordered a new mobile phone battery, had lunch.

John checked in by phone with Landrover. Truck needed new wheel bearing seals on the front. It also needed a new tyre as the flat one was beyond redemption.

We walked back there and spent a while checking out new tyres at a nearby place. Decided to buy a complete new set – definitely not Olympics! Went for Dunlops – a new type, SF Road Grippers, replacing their Adventurers. These were the ones the tyre service man recommended as best for our needs. We got a good trade in on the Olympics.

John then realized that the tubes he had in the Olympics were the original ones – now done over 100,000kms! No wonder they had been wearing!

The tyres were an unexpected expenditure, but I think we both had much more confidence that these new ones would be much more stable on the road.

The tyres could not be done until the next day, so we went back to the caravan park for another night. We were in a different unit, but one with a similar layout and price.

While John went to collect Truck, with new seals done, I walked to the shops and bought things for tea and breakfast.

Tea was some salad. John had skinless franks and bread. I just had bread with my salad.

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