This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels May 6

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It rained steadily for much of the morning and part of the afternoon, so we had an “in” day.

I studied share prices, which have gone down since the .com crash of April. However, I am sure there will be a recovery.

John made us toasted cheese for lunch – it was that kind of day!

In a break in the rain, in the afternoon, we went for a walk around town.

05-09-2000 near rubyvale.jpg

Keilambete Road, in the wet weather

There were several places for sale, which prompted us into “what if” speculations. There was a house and shop front – I wondered what that was selling for? Next door to Old Micks gem shop was an empty block – had been a slab and house that had fallen down; that was for sale for rate arrears. This town is the sort of place one could return to, year after year. John mused about the possibility of building a house out of billy boulders. We are great dreamers, the two of us!

Tea was salad with flathead pieces for John and oven fried fish for me.

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