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2000 Travels May 5

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There was still some rain about.

After breakfast, we walked around to friend JJ’s home, on Bedford Hill. When we were here in late ’98, he was living out on Mt Leura property, and we did some digging out there. Since then he had married a lady with a house and mine, in town, so he was now living there. I had received this information from my friend M, at home, (who was his previous wife!)

JJ was home. He still had his little Chihuahua dog. The house was a typical miner’s place, I guess, with stuff everywhere, outside. But it seemed a comfortable place. The were two mines on the place – one open and one shaft.

We sat and chatted for a while, then he was obviously keen to go off and do his daily couple of hours of imbibing! He showed us a large green sapphire that he’d found and his wife had cut – it looked wonderful. Apparently, his old mate, L, had some nice greens for sale. He said that, when the weather improved, he would take us out to Graves Hill – his current main fossicking area. I wasn’t about to hold my breath on either the weather or that undertaking!

JJ told us there was now mining activity out on Mt Leura, with claims staked over it. That was where we’d dug in ’98, and found our chunk of cracked sapphire.

It was good to catch up with JJ again, and find him apparently in good health, and having rather fallen on his feet in terms of his life in general. He’d be into his 70’s now.

05-05-2000 rubyvale street.jpg

Street sign, Rubyvale

After lunch back at the van, John drove out to the tin shed “hotel” on the Tropic, where JJ drinks, to have a look at the green sapphires L had for sale. That was more out of curiosity than intention to buy. According to John, upon his return, it was a hard-school drinking group out there!

Tea was skinless franks and salad.

The pub over the road was rowdy at night – Friday night celebrations?

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