This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels March 25

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John slept in somewhat.

I walked to the shops for papers. I was trying to break in the new sandals that I have been carrying around for ages, and they blistered my feet. I thought they must be a size smaller than the previous pair.

John left for bowls at 11.15am.

I read the papers thoroughly, did some sewing, washed my hair, began cooking a roast lamb dinner. It was a lovely, lazy day.

John really enjoyed his bowls and played well. Smithton won. His rink defeated a previously unbeaten rink from Railton’s top side. So the Smithton people were really thrilled to finish their season that way, and John was popular!

He transported a player called G back, who was a woodworker. G gave him a little model tomahawk, made from sassafras. He sells these. He also gave John a turning blank of sassafras that he makes the tomahawks from. John bought a plank of sassafras from him for $20. So, John came back with more timber! It turned out that G was S’s uncle! Tasmania is amazing.

John drove 184kms today.

The roast lamb and veg dinner was yummy.

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