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2000 Travels March 24

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We got a late start this morning – not used to being out late, socializing!

I walked to the shops for the papers. It was about a 3km round walk, so that was my exercise for the day.

We drove into Burnie and shopped for the weekend’s food. I bought a pair of beige cargo pants at K Mart, to replace my worn out ones, and some knit khaki coloured shorts that were on sale, also to replace worn out ones.

Had lunch back at camp,  then went to A and K’s at 2pm. They drove us to cousin J’s place. I’d already met her, husband, and Aunt E, in 1971 when I took mum on a tour of the Tasmanian relatives. Aunt E was now a very sprightly 92.

The men talked men things, whilst we women talked mainly family stuff. J has the family heirloom Bible that I remembered my grandfather showing me, years ago, at Hagley. The ladies were thrilled to find out about the existence of my nephew – another male with the family name! There are not too many of them. In my generation, there were only three, and four in the next. One of K’s sons already has a son. I found it rather amazing that K already has five grandchildren, and he is only about my age!

It was a pleasant visit. K drove us back to his place and we went back to camp.

We bought fish and chips for tea.

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