This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels March 12

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I walked up to the shops for the Sunday paper.

Met S again! With the black lab. Such is the way of a small town. I told her about the Desert Parks Pass operating in SA and the associated maps that one gets as part of the information pack.

It was a very windy day – blowing a gale, it seemed. Then it rained. So it was not a day for doing much except reading the papers. I did some work on share materials.

John put some extra guy ropes on the awning.

S and husband M called in during the afternoon. He inspected the van. I talked with her about the Flinders Ranges.

In chatting, it turned out that their travelling companions were my cousin, K and his wife, A. K was the son of dad’s older brother, but I had never met him. S gave me their phone number and said she would mention meeting us, to them. They live in Wynyard and have a van here in the park, so they are often here on weekends. Tasmania is a very small world!

M pointed out that Stanley is “7kms out to sea” so to speak, and thus it is often windy. Guess that is one way to look at it.

Tea was cold chicken, potato and broccoli.

During the night, the wind was strong enough to rock the van!

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