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2000 Travels March 11

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I was up before John and walked up to the shops for the papers. On my way back, I was stopped by a lady who was walking a black labrador dog. She had seen the Cooktown T shirt I was wearing and wanted to talk travel. I admired her dog – she said it was a neighbour’s, and she just did them a favour, walking it.

S is from Burnie and has a holiday house here. She and her husband are teachers and are planning a trip to Innamincka and the Flinders Ranges in the mid-year holidays. She asked if she could come round to the van, later, with some maps, to have a consult.

Read the papers for the rest of the morning. We had decided to have a fairly quiet day, after yesterday’s travel.

After lunch, we walked to the base of The Nut, where the walking track goes up it. There was also a chairlift for those who wanted. It was a stiff climb up, then we walked around the large flat area that is its top. It was much better up there than I had anticipated. There was a variety of outlooks – along the coast, over the town, and almost straight down to the little port section, below. We spent about an hour up there, watching the activity around the port. There was also an outlook over the historic Highfield property, that occupies the rest of the Circular Head promontory of land behind The Nut.

I didn’t take the camera, figuring we’d be going up again, another day, and rather regretted it when I saw how much of interest there was.

While I was roasting the chicken and vegies for tea, S called in – she’d been by earlier, with maps, but we were out. She said she’d bring her husband round at some stage over the weekend.

Got chatting with four people from vans behind us. It turned out they were friends of the couple that we’d gotten to know in the caravan park at Berriedale. They have moved back into their east coast house, but apparently he was still fretting to travel more. I could relate to that!

03-12-2000 dusk stanley.jpg

Dusk at Stanley – tide out

Phoned K and left a message for him to send the mail, mid-week, to Burnie. We should be heading that way when we leave here, so can collect it then. Have also been in contact with the bank, and our new Mastercards are being sent to the bank there.

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