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2000 Travels February 16

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Today was quite hot and got more so as we moved away from the coast.

We were rather slow getting away this morning, after discovering that our “new” neighbours – in an older style van – live just around the corner from us, at home. There was much swapping of stories, especially as they metal detect and he does woodwork.

We also had to go an wish M well – he has been good to us during our stay here. He is trying to get a petition going to open vehicle access to South Cape – to attract more tourists to these parts. Personally, I think there is ample to do, especially for people who walk.

It was 11 am when we left Dover.

John was very pleased that the van brakes seem to be working well, and that a couple of checks showed that the wheel was no longer getting unduly hot.

John had been somewhat concerned about some of the big hills we’d face on the drive back to Hobart, but managed them quite well, with a combination of gears and brakes. Having the van brakes working well makes a big difference!

We had a hassle-free run through Hobart, then did a shop stop at Claremont.

When we’d gotten into phone range, there were a couple of messages from J’s brother C, so we phoned him. No dramas – he was just keeping tabs on us! Seems he has kind of appointed himself as the watcher over our welfare! John promised to try to phone him once a fortnight.

We then had a straightforward run to Mount Field, along the Derwent valley on the Lyell Highway, through New Norfolk. Decided to stay on the highway as far as Rosegarland, then take the Gordon River Road to Bushy Park and on to National Park. It was faster and easier than the road through Plenty.

We found an acceptable powered site – it was a matter of pay and then go hunt for oneself. The powered site cost $14 a night, so not cheap, despite it being National Park. They were not large sites, either!

02-16-2000 camp mt field.jpg

Our site at National Park

We didn’t intend to stay more than a few days, so did not put up the awning roof, but did put out the chairs, tables and fridge.

There were a number of other campers about the place, but it did not feel too crowded. There were also lots of little pademelons – little critters that are like a miniature wallaby, or a cross between a wallaby and a possum.

Went for a walk around the campground and car park area, then along the Tyenna River that borders the campground, for a way. Saw smoke begin to rise from the next ridge, that was obviously bush burning. We were told that it was the Westerway brigade, burning off, which we thought was rather chancy on such a hot, dry day, and when the bush around here seems so dry.

We have mobile phone coverage here! That was not expected. Phoned K and left message where we are.

Tea was soup, and crumpets – with eggs for John and golden syrup for me.

02-16-2000 from dover

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