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2000 Travels February 15

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We left for Kingston at 9.30am and got there at 10.45, half an hour before John’s dentist appointment.

I read the paper whilst waiting for him and spotted a small item about a share I’d bought a little while ago. I felt, from this, that it was a good time to sell, so phoned the broker to sell now, thus cementing a 97% profit, made in just a month. I felt very pleased with myself! Later in the day, John decided to use the profit to buy shares he’d selected – about which I am rather dubious, but we shall see.

John’s dentistry was a straightforward filling, that cost $90. More than our caravan park fees for a week!

Did some shopping a a Kingston supermarket. Got diesel – 84cpl.

Back at camp, packed up the awning and some of the other camp things.

I took a photo of a bumble bee on a bush. We have seen a few of these around this area. They are not native, and have only recently been seen in Tasmania. They are much bigger than the standard bee and I’m not sure I’d like to be stung by one!

02-10-2000 big bumble bee.jpg

Bumble bee

Tea was frankfurts and bread. John’s choice!

Today’s round trip was 163kms.

02-15-2000 around dover.JPG

Our travels whilst based at Dover

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