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2000 Travels January 22

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We were up fairly early. John drove off to get the papers, plus some yoghurt, which R wanted for breakfast, rather than our staples of grapefruit and weetbix. After John came back with the yoghurt, she decided to have a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich, instead.

Breakfast over, we drove into Hobart, to go to the major attraction of the Salamanca Place Markets. Salamanca Place is in the docks part of Hobart and the old stone buildings that line one side of it were once warehouses, dating from the early 1800’s. Every Saturday, there is a large open air market held there – fresh produce, food, crafts.

We trudged around the markets for several hours, basically just following R from stall to stall. I bought some cherries – we seem to get through a lot of these, lately! R bought some wood products, and an enamel picture of irises – we gave her the $50 for this, as an early birthday present.

R and J had bratwurst hot dogs for lunch; I bought a loaf of bread and ate some of that.

Overall, we had a comprehensive exposure to the market stalls, I thought. I’d have liked to explore some of the really interesting exhibition centres and galleries that occupy some of the former warehouses, but the others were not interested.

We suggested doing the two hour Derwent River – Iron Pot Light boat trip and R was keen on that idea.

We had a wander around the Constitution Dock area, whilst waiting for the cruise time. The former IXL Jam Factory and warehouse buildings by the Dock are superb. I think I read somewhere that they are to be restored and developed, possibly as some type of accommodation complex – what a great location!

01-22-2000 old ixl factory docks precinct.jpg

The old IXL Jam Factory at the Constitution Dock area

There was a beautiful Huon pine sailing boat moored at the dock.

01-22-2000 huon pine boat hobart.jpg

Huon Pine sailing ship

The boat trip went from 2pm till 4pm. We thought it was good value, even though the sea was rather rough. R went to sleep part-way through the trip, so missed much of what there was to see. It really was scenic.

01-22-2000 rough day

Stormy weather on the Derwent

The Iron Pot is a lighthouse on a small rocky islet at the entrance of the Derwent River, from Storm Bay. It is a significant feature because it is an unusual square shape; it was the first lighthouse built in Tasmania, in 1832, and the second in Australia. The name may have come from an earlier beacon here – a fire lit in an iron whaling pot. Once there was, as well, a two storeyed lighthouse keeper’s house and an assistant keeper’s house, on this small bit of rock!

01-22-2000 Iron Pot from boat

The iron Pot Lighthouse

Back on land, we did a short walk around the core of historic Battery Point. As the name suggests, there was a gun battery here – probably due to fears of French invasion. The area that grew behind it was home for the garrison officers and for sailors.

We explored Kelly’s Steps – built by a sea captain to reach his cottage, Hampden Road, Arthurs Circus – little cottages built around a central garden area, that once would have had the flagpole for the morning assembly. My best friend, whilst at uni in Hobart in the 60’s, rented one of these cottages. It is a fascinating area.

Today was a full one, marred a little by poor weather and rain. John did well to manage as much walking and standing about as he did.

Refuelled Truck on the way back to the van – 76cpl.

Tea was gazpacho, pork with garlic and mushrooms, and strawberries. R did not like the idea of cold soup when I told her what we were having, and asked that hers be heated up.

We did not stay up very late, because we had planned an early get away for tomorrow, for a big day out, to Port Arthur area. As R only has five days here, we would be busy every day.

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