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2000 Travels January 21

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Today was still windy and definitely colder. Heatwave over!

We put the sides onto the annexe, to make a “room” for R’s coming visit, and rearranged the storage inside Truck, to free up the back seat for a passenger. Set up the banana lounge bed, complete with the two sleeping bags, since it is getting colder.

We drove to Glenorchy and did a food shop. At the library there, John had booked an hour on the internet. I’d planned to try to do some research on mum’s family, while he was doing that. However, I needed CDRom access to the Pioneers Register. I was able to apply for a full birth certificate for mum, to start the backtrack process. That cost $25. It was a pity I didn’t start this process earlier, as I could have gotten a booking for the CDRom at the library.

We went back to the van, unloaded the shopping, then John went to bowls practice at the local club.

Tea was gazpacho, bread, cheese. John also had some little skinless franks. I had coleslaw. Stewed apricots to finish.

After tea we chatted for a while with a 14 year old who was camped near us. He told us his dad had been killed by falling logs, eight years ago. John tried to persuade him not to leave school too early.

We drove out to the airport, to collect R from her flight, arriving at 10.35pm. Then it was 15 minutes late. It was dark by then, and R seemed very impressed with the city lights and their reflections in the river, as we drove back across the Derwent. It really was very pretty.

Back at the van, we talked for a while, so it was 1am before we all retired to bed. R said she was satisfied with the annexe arrangements.

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