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2000 Travels January 5

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Today the weather was slightly more pleasant.

We have now been travelling for two years!

John’s stomach was improving, but still not right; more Imodium.

Chatted for a while with two couples from neighbouring vans who are from the Launceston area. They recommended the caravan park at Legana if we are visiting Launceston. one lot gave us their card and said to phone them if we do stay at Legana, which is where they live. Very friendly of them.

After a light lunch, we drove to Glenorchy, so John could do his internet thing. It did not work properly, so he was quite frustrated by that.

I returned my library books, mostly unread.

We drove to the city and to Sandy Bay to suss out the caravan park there, for when R visits. It was located more centrally for her to visit main city attractions. However, we did not think it suitable for us as the sites were very small and it seemed poorly drained – always of significance in these parts! It is in a very scenic part of town, though.

We went to Officeworks for John to get some printing paper – he thinks he might make us some “business” cards. It seems that more people are travelling with these – could be handy. We also priced their colour copy service for our next lot of Xmas cards – it might be a lot easier to get them printed for us!

John took the big torch to Black and Decker, for repair, but they could not fix the blown fluoro tube.

We went to A&R to see if the book ordered for me, before Xmas, was in – no. We used V’s Xmas book voucher to buy “Solomon’s Song” for John; he likes Bryce Courtenay books. I resisted buying the book on Hobart’s walks, since we expect to be leaving soon, and John is still not fit for much walking. We had just done enough exercise for him, around the shops!

Decided not to go walking around the docks again, which had been an idea of John’s, but to go for a drive instead. The hilly country up behind the northern suburbs was attractive, the other day, so we decided to go back there.

We drove up through Collinsvale the same way we had gone on Sunday, then took the Collins Cap road. Collins Cap and Collins Bonnet are peaks to the west. Thought this might be an interesting road. But we turned around when the narrow road became dirt. Signage is poor in these parts and I was worried that I would navigate us to very lost!

From back in Collinsvale, took the Glenlusk and then the Molesworth roads – fairly narrow and winding, but sealed – and with signs! From Molesworth, drove on through Malbina to New Norfolk. Between Molesworth and Malbina, had seen the other end of the Collins Cap road and realized that it was a through road, so we turned around at New Norfolk and took that. It began as sealed, but not for long, but was alright to drive, though very narrow and winding. For much of the way it was quite high up, following ridgelines, and so there were some excellent vistas down into valleys and for quite long distances. It is surprisingly rugged country up there, but very pretty. There were some very isolated, run down, feral seeming settlements we passed. Eventually came out at old familiar Collinsvale, the way we had already been twice! Drove back to the van, having driven 95kms.

It had warmed up through the day. We had even gotten a bit hot, when walking around the streets of Hobart.

We got back too late for me to make soup, so opened a can of celery soup. I poached a chicken breast for John to have with some potato. I had tinned tuna with mine.

After tea, John read and did some computer time. I wrote up the diary, and read.

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