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2000 Travels January 4

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After the lovely weather for much of yesterday, the threatened rain did come in, and today was really cold, wet and windy – one of the worst weather days we’ve had in Tasmania! How quickly it changed! We needed the fan heater on for much of the day.

John was still feeling very poorly. He was resistant to the idea that his woes might be due to something he ate at the Taste of Tasmania. Apparently, there has been a gastric bug doing the rounds of southern Tasmania for a few weeks, so maybe he came by that. However, since I am fine, I subscribe to the first theory!

We drove to Glenorchy shops to return an unused video to the library. He had borrowed it to check if our machine was working, but hadn’t gotten round to doing so. He booked internet time for 1.30pm tomorrow. That is an awkward time because it cuts right across our day.

I cashed in out Tattslotto tickets – got back $82 in total. Not bad.

I put two films in for processing, including one from the automatic camera, that has been holding up my photo filing for some time. I try to put photos in the album in the order that events happened, and since I use the SLR camera mostly, this can happen. The photos will not be ready until late Thursday, as they are very busy after the holiday period.

We did not spend long away from the van, as John did not want to miss the cricket.

I started John on Imodium tablets at lunchtime. Might cut down the frequency of trips up the hill!

At some point, when next door turned on something electrical, the combination of that with our heater, jug and TV, caused the power to fail on the pole. The manager came and moved our lead to a different pole and that fixed the problem, it seemed.

Another light tea was called for: sweet potato soup, then a small amount of pasta mixed with some cooked peas, corn and zucchini.

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