This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels December 12

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We had gale force winds all through the night, and today. The van fairly shook at times, and we made sure the awning roof was tied down very securely. The weather certainly kept away most of the weekend visitors.

The Saturday Age arrived today – I was surprised it got through at all.

John worked on Xmas card creation, trying out a number of variations. It will be a better and clearer reproduction, this year, but I was not as pleased with the photo range – not sure it would mean a lot to most people without an accompanying letter to relate to the photos.

After lunch, John bowled, with C. He was very pleased that John was still here. Think he must be quite lonely, a lot of the time.

The day was quite cold, but John enjoyed his bowls, despite the still high wind.

Tea was cold lamb, mashed potato, and raspberries.

After tea I went off as usual to have my evening shower, got ready, put the requisite 40cents in the slot – and nothing happened! I had no more coins with me. So I had to get dressed and retreat back to the van – unwashed and definitely unhappy.

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