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1999 Travels December 11

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Today was exceedingly windy. It seemed to have disrupted services and traffic in places.

John worked on his Xmas letter. I worked on mine, needing forty one copies in total, of which I already had seven, plus odd copies of some pages.

My plan was to print some photos on the otherwise blank back of Page 7, the last page of letter. So it would be printed on the special paper we bought, for photo printing. I made the requisite forty one copies of pages 1-6, back to back, setting up each page as before. I stood for hours, doing this. When I then printed a trial page 7 on the special paper, the letter did not end, but needed three paragraphs onto page 8. That threw out my photo plans.

John worked out that the fiddling needed to print each page had moved the cursor and hence made a gap. He though it would be easy to fix, by just printing a page 8 of the letter. Then I ralized that the movement had happened progressively so each page 7 ended at a different point! And likewise all the preceding pages. It was a total nightmare. It proved impossible to try to sort out matching pages, so effectively the whole printing was stuffed up. Waste of time and effort, not to mention paper and ink.

I was deeply disappointed – it would be the first Xmas in a decade that I had not sent out an annual letter. John’s letter was shaping up to be good, but it ran to seventeen pages! He would be lucky if the ink lasted out for him to make enough copies for his family.

I did not have any problems like this last year, doing my letter and printing it out, with the “primitive” program then on my laptop. This problem was due to John installing Corel Word Perfect on my machine – which I did not really want in the first place!

We scanned the photos for the card – could only use a few of the ones I originally selected. There was just not room for all the good ones!

Tea was roast lamb and vegies, followed by fresh raspberries. Yum.

12-04-1999 white bch dusk.jpg

White Beach dusk

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