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1999 Travels November 11

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We woke up at 9am to sunshine, blue sky with a few clouds.

After breakfast, John rotated the Truck front wheels with the two spare wheels.

I walked to the shops and bought rolls for lunch, then packed some salad to fill them, when we were ready to eat, later.

We left Bridport about midday, thinking we might visit Sideling Lookout or Mt Barrow or Cypress Falls, then decided to visit the Lavender Farm at Bridestowe Estate, instead. Our time was limited, as John wanted to go to bowls practice at 4pm at Bridport.

We drove to Scottsdale where we needed to visit a bank. Looked in real estate agents’ windows, out of curiosity – prices in these parts seem fair.

It was a bit of a roundabout route to get to the Lavender Farm from Scottsdale.

An immigrant family in the 1920’s brought French lavender seeds with them and began the crop in this area, so it is an old established operation. The French lavender is the one that is of great value in the perfume industry. The shop at the farm was interesting. I bought some oils, incense and postcards. Unfortunately, the lavender is not in flower yet – it would be spectacular when it is. We watched a video about it.

11-11-1999 bridestowe estate lavender farm.jpg

The Bridestowe Lavender Farm

Ended up eating our lunch rolls very late, like 2pm, because we couldn’t find a place to stop for lunch, on the narrow, winding roads. We probably should have just eaten in the car park at the Lavender Farm! John eventually pulled over at a road corner, in front of a fire station, and I put the filling in his so he could eat it going along. I ate mine unfilled as we went.

We got back to Bridport about 3pm, which gave John time for an hour’s fishing, before going to bowls. All he caught was a toadfish.

11-13-1999 J fishing at Bridport.jpg

I walked to the shops and went to the Post Office – there was mail for us.

There were some rain showers in the late afternoon, which gave some really pretty light effects on the bay and an interesting sunset.

11-11-1999 sun on jetty

Sunlight on the jetty ruins

John came back happy from bowls practice, and has arranged to play on Saturday afternoon.

11-12-1999 Bridport sunset light.jpg

Dusk light

There was nothing of note in the mail bag, and nothing personal from anyone.

Tea was asparagus soup, and a hokkien noodle and vegetable stir fry.

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