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1999 Travels November 10

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Again, we slept in. Yesterday’s storms had gone. The sky was blue.

After breakfast, John went fishing just down from the van. He caught a good sized flathead, which will make a good meal for him. His first Tasmanian fish!

11-10-1999 first catch in tas.jpg

First Tasmanian catch!

While he was doing that, I walked to the shops, bought a paper, checked at the Post Office, but there was no mail for us. The bakery was open, after a five day closure, so I bought rolls for lunch.

About 3pm, John decided we should go to Weymouth, back to the west of here, to check out a beach the caravan park manager had told him about. Gem fossickers had been active there a couple of years ago, apparently, after petrified wood and agate.

We drove back about 30kms towards Georgetown, then took the Weymouth road, to the coast. Weymouth is where the Piper River enters the sea. We parked by the river, then walked along it to the mouth and the beach. There were some odd stake structures in the water of the river – could not work out their purpose. It was a very pleasant walk.

We then drove around to the beach which was made up of sea-polished pebbles. John found some petrified wood and we gathered a few other pretty stones. Probably spent about half an hour on the beach, looking at pebbles. Exposed as we were, the afternoon wind was rather cool.

Tea was asparagus soup, which was very nice; flathead and fries for John, I had flake from the freezer with my fries, all followed by tinned pears and yoghurt.

11-12-1999 cloud light bridport.jpg

The ever-changing light across Anderson Bay was fascinating

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