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1999 Travels October 29

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We did some grocery shopping in the morning, then I packed lunch and we headed off down the Bass Highway, towards Deloraine. We ate lunch in Truck as we went along.

Today’s destination was the annual Deloraine Craft Show, which I had seen advertised.

This event was much bigger than I had anticipated – in spades! Exhibitions were spread among a number of venues through the town, with buses running between them. We parked Truck and, having a program outlining what was featured in each venue, caught our first bus.

This Craft Fair has come about, I think, mainly because Deloraine has in the last couple of decades, become a major area for alternative lifestyle dwellers, who have settled in the town and in the rural surrounds, often where farmland grades up into bush country. These newer settlers brought a wide variety of craft and artisan activities, and Rotary people began the annual exhibition of such crafts. It has obviously grown enormously as a draw card both for visitors and exhibitors.

We managed to take in five venues and saw some brilliant woodwork and sewing crafts – the two areas that interested us most. There were some craft specialities, and items, that we were not interested in, or did not like, but others seemed to.

We came across a stall selling Hardanger embroidery work, which was inspirational, and the first time I have ever seen this done by anyone apart from me! The two ladies who had the stall had only been doing it for about four years – they are obviously much faster at turning out pieces than I am!

There was some brilliant framing of landscape photos, in raw wood frames, with dark green or grey mat surrounds. We noted a very stylish turned wood dip and biscuit tray – something for John to try, one day? I liked a CD cupboard that had wooden lattice doors. There were excellent wood dining chairs. I don’t think it would have taken much, at this point, for John to abandon travel and hurry home to his shed and wood machines!

We bought some Ashgrove cheeses – lots of cheeses! And a bush pepper liqueur. The Show has obviously broadened to include some of the artisan foods produce that is steadily becoming a major feature of the island. So good to see this sort of thing here.

It was a very pretty drive down to Deloraine and back. We decided that we look forward to staying a week or two there, later in the trip. With my mother’s family coming from those parts, I want to explore some more there.

The feet and legs finished up extremely tired!

Tea was fish and chips from the great local shop, again.

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