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1999 Travels October 28

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It was another slow start to the day. I wondered if this was the effect of daylight saving? Our bodies are still lagging an hour behind the clock, and the cool, grey, dim, mornings don’t help.

John phoned our sharebroker to order some biotech shares he wants to buy. The company is experimenting with making artificial hearts. The stock is a gamble, but it is cheap, and might just pay off.

I went and booked us in here for another week.

We eventually got moving, on a drive out to the Leven Canyon. Followed the Bass Highway to Ulverstone, then went south through Nietta and followed back roads to the Leven Canyon picnic ground and car park. The country side we travelled through was really pretty. Despite all the Tasmania visits I have done, have not explored this north coast area before.

Had our packed lunch in the picnic ground, in the forest. There was no one else there, but we were visited by a begging currawong, who scored a crust for its efforts. In return, we took a photo.

10-28-1999 leven canyon.jpg

Communicating with a currawong

We had several stops to watch birds, today – and saw our first Native Hen. Well, I had seen them before, at an uncle’s farm at Jackeys Marsh, but it was a first for John.

We took the walk track to the Canyon Lookout – a pleasant walk, with a good view over the wild canyon area, where the Leven River has cut down into limestone, to make a gorge.

Back at the picnic area we chatted for a while with a young couple who’d arrived and were admiring the Defender.

Then we walked down the other side of the circuit walk to another vantage point over the Canyon, having decided that to do the full circuit walk would be too steep and slippery for John. As it was, we had a steep and steady climb back up, which was enough for me!

We drove a little way further along the Loogana Road that we’d come on from Nietta, getting some good views over the Leven River and Black Bluff on its far side. Then turned around and went back, turning off after Nietta and taking back roads through Kindred, to Forth, and then the Forth Road to come into Devonport a different way.

That was a most enjoyable day out – we drove 145kms. In Tasmania, it does not take far, or long, to get from really tame and civilized country, to the wilds.

Refuelled, for the first time in Tasmania, at East Devonport – 80cpl, so more expensive here.

Tea was chicken noodle soup and Irish Stew – we were back in time for me to get this cooked adequately.

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