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1999 Travels October 26

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We had a rather slow start to the day, which was grey and chilly.

We did not want to go near the centre of town, because the politician Kim Beasley was doing a meet and greet walk in the Mall, so it was an area to avoid.

Eventually, despite threatening rain, decided to go for a drive.

Crossed the bridge, then followed the Bass Highway west, through the town outskirts, then farmland, to the coast. For much of the way across northern Tasmania, the main road runs close to the sea, in places very close to it. There are no dunes or cliffs, often just a narrow grassy strip between the road and a small pebbly beach by the water. It is quite different to what we get on the mainland. It certainly makes for an attractive drive.

At Leith, we detoured to drive out to Braddons Lookout, which gave an outlook over the Forth River, to the west. It was really just a view over some farm lands and low hills. Pleasant, but not interesting enough to photo.

Drove through Turners Beach and as far as Ulverstone, just looking about.

The rain that had been threatening turned itself into rain proper, and storms, so we back tracked to the van and lazed about there for the rest of the day. We had managed to drive 120kms.

Tea was the last of the well-travelled vegie soup, sausages, mash and asparagus

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