This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels October 25

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After breakfast, we drove to the town centre, then went on a big walking expedition of the shops.

We visited the Information Centre, where I collected quite a lot of material. At Impressions Gallery, we spent ages browsing the excellent woodwork and pottery on display. As always, we both find good wood craft inspirational.

Another stop was at the Backpackers Barn – known to us from our 1991 and 1992 visits. There, I bought cards, books on walks, and maps. The old cockatoo that was such a personality is still strutting his stuff there, but he is now caged for some of the time, because of his increasing propensity to shred things!

Back at the van, to a very late lunch, then read the weekend papers that I’d finally managed to get.

Tea was vegie soup, chicken satay and rice.

The nights are fairly chilly.

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