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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels October 21

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We took down and thoroughly cleaned the annexe roof. Did some packing up, and a final sorting of stuff to take home and leave there.

I made soup from pumpkin, celery and carrots, to use them up before we catch the ferry – being conscious of the quarantine rules for entry to Tasmania.

We drove to Chirnside so I could do medical refund claims, and got cash from the bank for tomorrow, to pay for our new rings.

We went home. Left the things that are not going with us. Found my good sleeping bag in a cupboard that I hadn’t been able to access, earlier – good! We left a big supply of dog and cat foods, and also magnets I’d collected along the way for P. K was home early, so we saw him.

The decorative tree that Dad had planted in front of his flat was in flower – lovely.

10-19-1999 dad's snowball tree.jpg

It only flowers briefly, but is beautiful

We had another sad farewell to the pets. It does not get any easier.

Refuelled Truck – 70cpl. Wonder what it will be in Tasmania?

Tea was a very nice bacon, asparagus and pasta dish.

As always seems to happen, I was really looking forward to getting moving again and having this too long, rather tedious time around home, finished with.

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