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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels October 20

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I went to the shops for food for today’s visitors, and to the Post Office to pay the caravan registration – that was only $28. Unfortunately, the phone bill that I also paid was rather larger.

John’s two former colleagues came for a visit, in the late morning. John enjoyed hearing all the school news.

Then V visited for about three hours in the afternoon, having a late lunch with us. As always, their plans keep changing, but there may be some more travel – and there is talk of possibly settling in the Bendigo area, of all places. I gather real estate is cheap, and she is a country girl, at heart. She was genuinely interested in looking at our more recent photos, having recently travelled some of those parts herself. We gave her the zircon earrings – she really liked them. It was a great visit.

Tea was home cooked fish and fries.

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