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1999 Travels August 4

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Back to the town centre for more money spending!

At the gemstone shop, the verdict was that all four zircons would cut, but she wanted us to go to her home and see her husband, the cutter. So that was arranged.

We picked up the wheel with its new tyre.

Did a huge grocery shop for the coming expedition.

After lunch, went to see the gem cutter – S. He has the most incredible shed and back yard. He is a really eclectic collector: stones, shells, stuffed reptiles. He has brilliant gemstones and specimens. We spent about three hours there. He looked at a lot of the zircons and garnets we had collected, and “formed” some to assess their suitability for use. We finished up ordering two garnets to be cut for ring stones, and more for a set of garnet earrings. Two zircons would be cut for ring stones, possibly three. And he would cut zircons for five sets of good stud earrings. He kept some “spare” zircons, in case some didn’t cut well.

By the time we left his place, it was 5.30pm – and cold and raining. It was too late to begin the packing that we had intended.

Tea was minestrone, steak, mushrooms, potato, beans, and ice cream.

It is actually quite nice to hear rain again. It is not too heavy. Hopefully, it may settle down some of the Finke track, churned up by the Desert Race earlier.

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