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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels August 3

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The day was mostly cloudy, but quite warm. That figures – I buy winter gear and it warms up! But the washing got dry.

Drove into town, firstly to the specialist gem shop. The lady there said that all our biggest and best garnets were too dark to cut. I think they were the ones from the last hole we tried. She kept four of our zircons to show to her husband, who does the cutting. We go back tomorrow for his verdict.

We dropped off a wheel at a tyre place, to have a new tyre put on. One day, out at Gemtree, John had noticed a large split on the side of a tyre, and had changed the wheel. He thinks we probably slit it on a sharp rock on one of the rough tracks. It looks too bad to be repaired, and we do not want a suspect spare, at this stage.

We picked up new clear headlight covers, previously ordered, from the Landrover place.

To the Post Office. The girl behind the counter said there was no mail for us. When we queried this, she said there was only mail for J and W Stocey. She swore she could not have made a mistake and would not do a double check on this. So, apparently, there was no mail for us.

At the chemist, I had a script filled, and bought a couple of bandages to replace those I’d worn on my cut hand, fossicking – which had gone mouldy.

John booked at the Library for Internet access for Thursday.

I broke the buckle on my leather sandals. This leaves me without good sandals, but I think it can be fixed – if I can find a bootmaker.

Collected my photos – was very pleased with them. Lots of good Gemtree ones.

To Coles for food supplies.

Phoned K. He HAD sent the mail, as asked, on 27th. So we went back to the Post Office and asked to see a manager. He checked. Yes – our mail was there. And had been all along. The arrogant little snit we had dealt with earlier was a trainee, he said. I hope I was scathing enough about her unhelpful manner to ensure she got a very strong reprimand!

There was only business type mail, but some of it was tax relevant, so John was able to finish off his tax documentation, ready to send off to the accountant.

I picked in the washing and put it away, then started to put photos in the album, while John was working on the computer.

Tea was sausages, egg, bacon, potato, and – a special treat – icecream!

I phoned K to say we had received the mail.

John phoned R and had a talk with her, and sister H – it is her birthday.

We have decided that we are going to do the circuit trip I have planned, that takes in the Simpson Desert, on our own. We will set up some safeguards. like making sure people know our plans, and we will rely on the HF Radio for communications. I have already found out that the caravan park will store the van; we have looked at their storage area and are happy with its security.

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