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1999 Travels July 30

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Last night was definitely much warmer.

Today was another camp-based day, resting the muscles and assorted sore bits.

John made potato bread, and rolls that we ate for lunch.

07-30-1999 bread making day.jpg

Bread making morning

I sorted garnets and discarded anything I wasn’t sure would cut. Again, a reject pile was put out into the mulga clumps.

I phoned Alice Springs and booked us in there again.

There was quite a lot of cloud in the afternoon, but it was one of the hottest days we’ve had here – shorts and T-shirt. Nice for a change.

We had pre-dinner drinks with an English couple who are camped near us. They are driving a Defender they have shipped from England. Last year, they drove it from south to north, through Africa. Very adventurous.

I was intending to make soup and had soaked beans for it, but ran out of time to do so, due to going to visit the English camp.

Tea was rissoles and pieces of potato, all cooked on the BBQ plate, and coleslaw. We ate out by the fire, talking with a couple who had arrived today and set up camp nearby – they are from Tasmania.

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