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1999 Travels July 29

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Took a packed lunch and drove back out to the FA9 garnet creek gully again. The track in there is really quite rough. There is a maze of tracks – following the mud map involves quite a bit of guesswork, and I’d find it very difficult to describe to someone else how to find that exact spot.

07-29-1999 03 garnet area tk.jpg

The track into our garnet fossicking area

We dug at the hole in the upper creek valley and found a few garnets.

As I was finishing off the last couple of sieve lots, John went down the creek a bit further and found a couple of good looking stones from a hole there.

By the time we headed back to camp, we were both really tired. My finger ends are sore and splitting, from dryness, dirt, and spending a lot of time wet. Fortunately, the thumb is healing.

07-29-1999 01 new garnet fossicking area.jpg

This was not such a successful area

Drove 84kms.

Tea was soup, BBQ chops marinated in lemon juice, garlic and rosemary, potatoes and tomatoes in foil, cooked in the fire.

There was some cloud about today, and the night seems warmer.

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