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1999 Travels July 27

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We wanted another rest day, today.

John spent much of the day sorting through the zircons, to try to ensure we keep – and carry the weight of – only pieces that appear to be worth cutting. We have done better than we thought, as we appear to have quite a lot of keeping stones! There was also quite a pile to be discarded at the base of a nearby mulga tree!

07-27-1999 looking for prizes.jpg

Sorting through the accumulation of zircon pieces

I soaked my sneakers in a bucket, then washed all the mud off them.

Extended our booking, yet again, until Sunday. It is going to be hard to leave this place, in some ways. It has been such an unexpectedly beautiful part of the country, and such a pleasant place to camp – a caravan park that does not seem like one.

I have begun planning a trip down the Finke River and across the Simpson Desert – our next adventure!

We are hugely amused by the antics of one of the crows/ravens, that lives around here. He has discovered the outlet end of our sullage hose, off over in the mulga, and the fact that interesting things wash out of it. Direct from the sink! He comes in several times a day to pick through the little bits of food scraps, and chortles away to himself as he does so. With a bit of imagination, you can hear him saying “oooh, not bad, this.  Arrrr what have we here?  Yum, yum, yum.” He provides great entertainment.

07-09-1999 galahs and crow.jpg

Galahs and the crow, keeping an eye on us

Tea was soup, sausages, French fries.

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