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1999 Travels July 26

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We had another day out at Mud Tank.

Kept digging in the new, promising, direction that was started on Saturday, and seemed to do very well.

John had “borrowed” the mesh top off an empty campground rubbish bin (intended to keep the crows from spreading the rubbish) and that helped sieve out the biggest rocks and really speeded up the through put. But it was still hard work.

07-26-1999 02 Mud Tank lot of dirt been sifted here .jpg

A lot of earth has been shifted, here

Mid-afternoon, we went back to camp and the welcome shower. My mining clothes – I use the same ones each time – were really muddy and stiff. When we have finished fossicking here, I will have to decide whether to try washing them, or just throw them out!

I had time to cook vegie and barley soup, using the stock kept from yesterday’s shanks. We had some of that for tea, with cold pasties.

The moon is getting on for full. The effects of this light outside, at night, are really pretty. The moon light seems to shine off the mulga leaves.

07-29-1999 gemtree sunset.jpg

Dusk at Gemtree, with full moon. The shading from blue to mauve is typical of Central Australia at this time of night

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