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1999 Travels June 5

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We woke to steady rain. We had not been following the weather forecasts, so were not expecting that. I don’t even know if it was actually forecast.

After a slow start, and dawdling over breakfast, I packed lunch – yesterday’s rolls – and we drove to the Rock.

06-05-1999 wet rock.jpg

Ayers Rock in misty rain

Sat in Truck and ate lunch, just looking at the Rock – wet. The combination of clouded skies and water changes the colour and makes the Rock dark.

06-05-1999 Ayers Rock wet patterns.jpg

The contrast between wet and dry faces on the Rock

The climb was closed, obviously, due to the weather.

We walked a little way, towards a gully where there was already water pouring down. The path had turned into a creek.

06-05-1999 new waterhole fill.jpg

Waterhole at base of Ayers Rock, filling

06-05-1999 wet path.jpg

It’s normally a path!

Saw two of the most miserable looking Crested Pigeons you could imagine – cold, wet, and looking thoroughly unhappy. Definite bird body language there!

06-05-1999 wet crested pigeons.jpg

Are we happy?

Went to the Cultural Centre. There was no charge for entry to this. We spent almost three hours there, looking at all the displays and cultural-related activities. Many of the displays were really well done and there was a lot of information to absorb. However, I felt that the video material of the Anangu people dancing – shuffling about, really – would not impress tourists, especially overseas visitors, with its level of cultural or intellectual sophistication! That was a very uninteresting and meaningless aspect of the displays, compared to some we have seen in other places. Pity, because it detracted from the overall impressions of the Centre.

06-05-1999 The rock in the rain

Collected the weekend papers at the Yulara shops.

Back at the van, John made Chelsea Buns. I made a start on the papers.

Tea was tinned pea and ham soup, Chelsea Buns and crumpets. Comfort food in the rain.

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