This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels June 4

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Today we decided to spend just relaxing around camp. That, in itself, can be quite interesting, as I sit outside and watch those who are departing get ready to go – with greater or lesser degrees of efficiency. Later in the day, there are the new arrivals to watch manoeuvring onto sites and setting up.

John made bread: a loaf and some rolls. We ate the rolls for lunch, with cheeses.

I used the morning to catch up with putting photos into the album, and annotating same.

Walked to the shops. The Resort is laid out in a rough circle, with the central part left to the native vegetation – probably with some help from Resort gardeners. I enjoy the fact that there are paths through this central area, that make the walking interesting.

There was still no mail for us. Nor were there papers – the plane connection had been missed. I walked around much of the Resort, then went back to camp.

I read for the rest of the afternoon. John computed.

Tea was fries with frozen, oven-ready battered fish. So-so.

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