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1999 Travels May 15

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We spent a quiet morning, reading the Saturday paper, which was available at the shop here.

I made a pea and potato soup, using up the tin of peas I have been trying to get rid of since we were in North Qld, last year. It was an emergency supply – we do not usually eat tinned peas.

After lunch, decided to go for a bike ride. Thought we’d tackle some of the Mawson Trail – a long distance trail for cyclists, similar to the Heysen Track for walkers. In places, they are one and the same, and this is the case from Wilpena, north towards Wilcolo/Bunyeroo.

The track was pretty rough in parts, with loose shale, precipitous gullies, and winding in amongst the trees. It required much concentration and lots of gear and brake work. I was pleased that I hadn’t risked bringing the camera.

I scraped my shins when I missed a gear change up out of a gully and the bike rolled back on me.

A bee flew into the back of my head, below my bike helmet, got tangled in my hair, and stung me! I wasn’t having a great day, at this point!

However, the ride was very scenic – when one had the chance to look. Yet again, it is getting away from other people that is part of the attraction. We reached almost to the Bunyeroo Gorge road.

We decided to return via the much easier management vehicle track, rather than stay on the worst of the gully and loose rock areas shared with the Heysen Trail. We thoroughly enjoyed that section of the ride – easy going, and we could look around. It came out at the old Wilpena Homestead, now unused, I think, but still looking quite substantial. Then we came out on the approach road to Wilpena and had to start watching out for cars again.

It was late afternoon when we got back to the van. We had ridden 18.2kms.

Tea was the pea soup – and it was very nice. It was followed by a chicken casserole, adapted and cooked in the electric frypan. That was pretty good, too.

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